dynamic video with users friends photo and profile

http://zero4.me/  spoof video to show users facebook profile inside the video

Dynamic Video generation using users facebook profile

This is a facebook page tab and microsite for http://www.whatiszero4.com/whatiszero4/ it shows the loged in users friends pictures and list and shows users video in side a dynamic video.

Video Chat Application in flash As3 red5

Video chat application on facebook red5

Video chat application on facebook red5

This application is a multi-user chat application build on red5. Actionscript and Flash Development. The secret key separates users to different chat room.

Flash Widget (The Prize – Chasing The Dream)

I made this widget in flash last month, it gets feeds from rss and plays a video on http link and it makes use of gigya sharing tools. Then i also made a flv player that workes like YouTube for http://www.theprize.com and a Desktop Application in AIR.

Custom design tool (www.weddinggifts2u.co.uk)

flash application to personalised products

Flash application using Actionscript 3.0 to personalise any product

This is a Custom tool in flash for users to personalise their products like chanpagane, mugs, galsses,pen, tshirts etc. i completed this two months ago

AIR application for thePrize Media Streaming

theprize-AIR Desktop application Media Streaming.

theprize-AIR Desktop application Media Streaming.

AIR application for thePrize custom Chrome interface with streaming RTMP and HTTP Media which mirrors the live site.and sharing for media with gigya share widget. Also RSS and Twitter feeds are rendered inside the air application.

Plastic card printing Design Online Flash Application


plastic card online design tool

plastic card online design tool Flash Actionscript 3.0


I made this is 1week, you can make a customized plastic card online and it would generate a print. more advance development in this application is expected http://www.alltimeprint.com/design-card-online.php?type_business_id=1 It also creates a PDF file using Alive PDF

File Upload from Flash PHP AS3

$target_path = $_REQUEST[ ‘path’ ];
$target_path = $target_path . basename( $_FILES[ ‘Filedata’ ][ ‘name’ ] );

if ( move_uploaded_file( $_FILES[ ‘Filedata’ ][ ‘tmp_name’ ], $target_path ) )
echo “The file ” . basename( $_FILES[ ‘Filedata’ ][ ‘name’ ] ) . ” has been uploaded;”;

$_SESSION[‘card_image’]    =    basename( $_FILES[ ‘Filedata’ ][ ‘name’ ] );
chmod(‘/images/designcards/’.basename( $_FILES[ ‘Filedata’ ][ ‘name’ ] ), 755);
echo “There was an error uploading the file, please try again!”;



import src.image.*;
import src.file.*;
import src.load.*;
var byteArray:ByteArray;
var jpgEncoder:JPGEncoder = new JPGEncoder(100);

byteArray= jpgEncoder.encode(cardBitmap);

var urlRequest : URLRequest = new URLRequest();
urlRequest.requestHeaders.push(new URLRequestHeader(‘Cache-Control’, ‘no-cache’));
urlRequest.requestHeaders.push(new URLRequestHeader(‘Content-Type’, ‘multipart/form-data; boundary=’ + UploadPostHelper.getBoundary()));
urlRequest.url=”imageuploader.php”+”?path=”+ “images/designcards/”;

var urlLoader : URLLoader = new URLLoader();
urlLoader.addEventListener( Event.COMPLETE, onImageCreated );
urlLoader.load( urlRequest );

function onImageCreated( e : Event ):void {

trace( ‘image created : ‘);
navigateToURL(new URLRequest(“/images/designcards/pre_f_nameFlie_ID.jpg”),”_blank”);


Link http://github.com/mikechambers/as3corelib